58384722_10103529967079724_4680691183503015936_oYesterday I was feeling good enough to drag my family to the beach. This may sound simple but I had to prepare snacks, drinks, load up the car with chairs, bring towels, lather up my kids in sunscreen, bring the beach toys, etc. It was like a Navy Seals mission for someone like me.

But I had fun. We built sandcastles and swam in the ocean. We lost toys that I told them not to bring in the ocean. I had a very good day. I felt happy and with all the sad days I write about on here, I must celebrate the good ones here, too. They are few and far between but I have noticed I’m coming across more and more. Ketamine infusions? God answering my prayers?

Who knows but I’m taking it.

Stay in the light, my friends.


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